Innovation in asset management


Eight new challenges for Asset Managers where innovation could bring value

  1. Manage regulatory changes
    How can we effectively detect regulatory changes, monitor them and assess their impact?

  2. Facilitatate investment decisions
    How can we create a solution providing robust investment models by analyzing huge amounts of data to make feasible and effective investment recommendations ?
    How can portfolio managers make better informed investment decisions with internal and external data?
  3. Monitor ESG Investments
    How can we automate the production of relevant ESG performance reports and to better quantify sustainable impact of a portfolio?
  4. Analyze alternative data
    How to analyze alternative data to achieve outperformance?
  5. Improve processes
    How can we improve the internal processes and use internal data more effecively and efficiently?
  6. Ease hedge funs accessibility
    How can we facilitate information and access to alternative investment funds for the investors?
  7. Explor clients data for better suitability
    How can we better understand our customer's needs and engage the investors in the customer buying journey?
  8. Accelerate clients onboarding
    How can we quickly and efficiently onboard new clients with confidence and legality?



Our selection of the most suitable Fintechs

1. Manage regulatory change

  • Faster detection of regulatory changes (CUBE)
  • Jurisdictional assessment and requirement raceability (AUREXIA LIGHTHOUSE)

2. Facilitate Investment decisions

3. Monitor ESG Investments

  • Identify, quantify, gather, and track sustainable (ESG) impact of a portfolio (MIOTECH)
  • Leverage data to automatically populate a report template (QUANTILIA)

4. Analyze alternative data

  • Retrace and analyze a large volume of data from different sources (SESAMM)
  • Provide non-traditional information on products (QUANTCUBE)

5. Improve processes

Make faster and better-informed decisions to improve activities of (MINIT, Celonis) :
- operations department
- distribution
- investment managment

6. Ease hedge funds accessibility

  • Allow small investors access to non-traditional private funds (FUNDSDLT)
  • help investors better understand risks of investing in private funds (ICAPITAL)

7. Explore Clients data for better suitability

  • Enrich customers data collection (internal and external sources) (DREAMQUARK)
  • Turn customers data into insights for beter decisions making (DATAROBOT)

8. Accelerate clients onboarding

  • Faster check authenticity and legitimacy of customers data
  • Early detection of compliance and regulatory issues (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER)


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