Ease Hedge fund accessibility

How can we facilitate information and access to alternative investment funds for the investors?


Pain points

  • The interactions between the various parties involved are administratively cumbersome, which delays the execution of transactions.
  • Heavy administrative and financial burdens are a hurdle to entry for small investors.
  • Difficulty to have a visibility for small investors on the offers of this type of funds because they are often reserved for institutional investors.



  1. Facilitate flows between all parties involved
  2. Make these funds accessible to all kind of investors with low fees

  3. Have a global vision of open-ended hedge funds




“ Distribution of Investment Funds made easy ”

  • Platform connecting Transfer Agent activities, payment systems  and investors for quicker and smoother transaction execution
  • Facilitate the access to a wide variety of funds with a  distribution based ledger technology
  • Provide to fund managers a real-time view of fund cash flows and a direct overview of all investors.

Find more about FundsDLT here.



“ Expanding the alternative investment marketplace ”

  • Democratize Alternative Investments to  small investors allowing access to alternative funds with very low investment minimums
  • Educational resources on the fundamentals and finer points of alternative investing
  • Access to a large number of quality selected funds
  • Guarantee smooth and simplified relationships with custodians, fund administrators and TA's.


Find more about iCapital here.


How Aurexia can help?


PRE-PROJECT: préparation of innovative project

  • Conduct RFP process on business topics

  • Validate data to be proceed by the solution (data preparation)

  • Formalize digital ambitions & business needs

  • Detect relevant business use-cases for specific technology

  • Lead ideation workshops to define pain points and needs


DURING PROJECT: End-to-end project delivery

  • Ensure global project management with key stakeholders

  • Design business requirements and adaptive services

  • Review operating model with new solution and business

  • Define IT governance with key stakeholders on new solution deployed

  • Promote solution with an awareness plan and change management strategy


AFTER PROJECT: Monitoring project success

  • Ensure change management plan roll-out with users and management

  • Conduct data visualization project to add reporting capabilities

  • Promote the project through a dedicated communication plan

  • Formalize KPI and build project business case

  • Identify new project opportunities (same client with other departments


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