Fight non-compliance with anticorruption laws and regulation

What answer to bring if you try to fight non-compliance with anticorruption laws and regulation ?



Propose, give, solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, an undue advantage (or promise of an undue advantage) of whatever nature that :

  1. may affect the proper exercise of a function
  2. may affect the conduct required of the holder of the function concerned


Pain points:

  • Inappropriate policies regarding gifts management or ineffective roll out of related procedures
  • Inabilities to detect unusual behaviour or inconsistent decision taken by employees



Mitigation internal approach:

  • Risk management by design
  • Machine Learning applied to fraud management
  • Alert / Validation by design


  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Data Management




«  Bringing everyone together in one spot  »

Galvanize builds security, risk management, compliance, and audit software.

They’re on a mission to unite these teams in their HighBond platform in order to strengthen individuals and protect organizations.

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« Visualizing and fighting fraud »

Palantir Technologies offers a suite of software applications for integrating, visualizing, fighting fraud, and analyzing information.

The software allows analysts within and between government organizations to collaborate and to analyze large quantities of data.

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How Aurexia can help?


PRE-PROJECT: preparation of innovative project

  • Conduct RFP process on business topics

  • Validate data to be proceed by the solution (data preparation)

  • Formalize digital ambitions & business needs

  • Detect relevant business use-cases for specific technology

  • Lead ideation workshops to define pain points and needs


DURING PROJECT: End-to-end project delivery

  • Ensure global project management with key stakeholders

  • Design business requirements and adaptive services

  • Review operating model with new solution and business

  • Define IT governance with key stakeholders on new solution deployed

  • Promote solution with an awareness plan and change management strategy


AFTER PROJECT: Monitoring project success

  • Ensure change management plan roll-out with users and management

  • Conduct data visualization project to add reporting capabilities

  • Promote the project through a dedicated communication plan

  • Formalize KPI and build project business case

  • Identify new project opportunities (same client with other departments


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