Fight Swindling

What answer to bring if you try to fight swindling ?



Misconduct of an employee consisting of deceiving a person in order to convince him to remit securities or assets or to provide a service. It may relate to (not exclusively) :

  1. Fraud concerning working hours, false expense accounts, fraudulent use of corporate “fuel” card
  2. Fraudulent account opening by an employee (opening of an account for personal relations subject to banking prohibition, etc.)


Pain points:

  • Failure to detect misconduct of employee through cross-checking available information
  • Ineffective analysis of week signal related to employee actions and behavior



Mitigation internal approach:

  • Risk management by design
  • Machine Learning applied to fraud management
  • Alert / Validation by design


  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Analytics




«  Create value from your data  »

The ChapsVision plateform provides specific sectors with intelligence, investigation and analysis tools that integrate data from different sources and offer, in a unified workspace, all the search and discovery applications to bring to light relevant information using advanced AI and visualization tools.

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« Stop before the money leaves »

NetGuardians is a leading software company recognized for its innovative solutions to keep operational risk under control: redirected eBanking sessions due to malware, hijacked eBanking sessions, SIM swaps, identify theft from phishing, fake mBanking apps, etc.

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How Aurexia can help?


PRE-PROJECT: preparation of innovative project

  • Conduct RFP process on business topics

  • Validate data to be proceed by the solution (data preparation)

  • Formalize digital ambitions & business needs

  • Detect relevant business use-cases for specific technology

  • Lead ideation workshops to define pain points and needs


DURING PROJECT: End-to-end project delivery

  • Ensure global project management with key stakeholders

  • Design business requirements and adaptive services

  • Review operating model with new solution and business

  • Define IT governance with key stakeholders on new solution deployed

  • Promote solution with an awareness plan and change management strategy


AFTER PROJECT: Monitoring project success

  • Ensure change management plan roll-out with users and management

  • Conduct data visualization project to add reporting capabilities

  • Promote the project through a dedicated communication plan

  • Formalize KPI and build project business case

  • Identify new project opportunities (same client with other departments


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